Bamboo Bed Tray Table

Rs.2,950.00 Rs.2,365.00

The bamboo multifunctional folding table can be used as a breakfast tray, a hospital tray, a laptop table, and can be used in various environments such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, hospitals and outdoors. It is also suitable for elderly people with limited mobility. Foldable legs and two hollow handles are easy to carry. The surrounding pallet edge prevents items from falling.

Environmentally friendly materials: This pallet table is made of high-quality natural bamboo, which is environmentally friendly, healthy, durable, light and beautiful. It has foldable legs for easy carrying and storage, strong and durable structure, and light weight. The surface of the food tray has been carefully polished.


Size and Dimensions:

  • Length : 20 Inches 
  • Width : 12 Inches
  • Height : 10 Inches (Opened Legs)


Bamboo Bed Tray Table
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